We carefully research each ingredient that goes into our products.  Every bar of soap is formulated for maximum benefit to the skin.  There is a soap for every budget! Choose a picture to read more about each soap.  We strongly advise you to check with us before purchasing if you have an allergy so we can assist you in finding the best product for you!  Email us at admin@heartofnebraskasoaps.com for assistance.  Free sample with every purchase!

What kind of soap are you looking for?

Soap with soap bar background
oatmeal milk honey bar soap front view
Oh Honey, Bless Your Heart
Good Morning Gorgeous (orange)
walk through roses bar soap
A Walk Through the Roses
Desert Rose
Sweather Weather
Casey camo soap
Casey's Camo
sweet and spicy bar soap
Sweet & Spicy (scented orange cranberry)
Amber Forest
american hero bar soap
American Hero
pineing for you bar soap
Pine-ing for you
Spicy Woods

Mini Bar Soaps

big juicy mini bar soap
Big Juicy
Amber Forest
nebraska soaps over heart
lavender nebraska soap
Lavender Bliss
Mulberry Dreams
Grapefruit Mint
travel soap with travel soap and water bottle

The travel  soap slivers are great for cleaning your hands on the go.  Just need a little water!  Great for gross gas station bathrooms, off road picnics, hiking and to clean your hands after that emergency diaper…  Keep one in your car, your backpack, your purse, your diaper bag, your luggage…

birthday cake travel soap
Birthday Cake
american hero travel soap
American Hero
chocolate mint travel soap
Chocolate Mint
blueberry cobbler travel soap
Blueberry Cobbler
unscented travel soap
oatmeal milk and honey travel soap
Oatmeal Milk & Honey
cloverfield travel soaps
email with laptop